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Are you ready for real weight loss?

Are you tired of lackluster results in the gym and diets you don't stick to?

If that sounds like you, the 360 Fitness weight loss program and our expert trainers are here for you!

Safely and effectively lose the weight you want, reach your target goal, and learn to keep it off. Your 360 Fitness personal trainer will develop a comprehensive weight loss program and by there to guide you every step of the way. This program is for anyone serious about losing weight and has been frustrated by sub par results in the past.

"Weight Loss" is perfect for you if your goals include...

- Weight Loss

- Decreasing Body Fat

- Improving Heart, Lung, and Musculoskeletal Health

- Increasing Lean Muscle

- Increasing Metabolism

- Improving Confidence, Energy, and Focus

- Building Healthy Lifestyle Habits

- Beginning An Exercise Program


To effectively lose weight a combination of resistance training and cardio workouts are necessary. The majority of your in-person session with your trainer will focus on resistance training, leaving aerobic exercise and additional resistance training a "homework." All "homework" workouts and nutrition planning will be reviewed and adjusted at each meeting with you.

The "Weight Loss" package includes...

- FREE Fitness Assessment

- 360 Fitness Expert Personal Trainer

- Access to Our Online Fitness Platform and App

- Nutrition Consultation and Plan

- Goals Setting and Assessment

- Aerobic Fitness Programming (Cardio!)

- Strength Programming

- Twice Weekly Sessions with Your Trainer (In Person)

- Weekly Online Video Program Updates (Online)

- Weekly "Homework" Workouts

- Consistent Positive Motivation and Accountability


Phase 1: Core Stabilization and Habit Development

Core muscle activation and stabilization, increase flexibility, introduction to circuit style workouts, learn basic exercises to build on in the future. We will put heavy focus on developing regular workout schedules and habits as well as beginning to track and modify your nutrition during this phase.

Phase 2: Muscle Endurance

High volume training is the name of the game. We'll do a lot of reps and keep active throughout an entire workout. Introductory level HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts will be used with progressive resistance.

Phase 3: Muscle Strength

Phase 3 looks a lot like lifting heavy things, that's because that's exactly what we will do. This time it's all about developing strength and power while continuing your cardio focused workouts.

Phase 4: The Final Push

High intensity training to push you to your final goal. HIIT style workouts with elements of Crossfit, plyometrics, speed and agility, power lifting, and Olympic lifting


Your complete program length is dependent on many factors including your specific goals, your commitment to and consistency with the program, goal deadline, and budget. As you probably noticed YOU are in control of much of your success in this program, and in any fitness program.

Typically each phase of the program will last 4 - 7 weeks depending on baseline and progress through each phase. Your trainer, along with your input, will move you through the program according to your progress, milestones, and your goal deadline. Each phase length is highly flexible and will be adjusted depending on your progress. 


Our goal for you is to create healthy lifestyle habits. Once you reach your initial goal (after some celebration!) we can refocus, develop a new goal and start another program or you will be able to take what you have learned and the habits you have developed and continue on your own. We also continue to work with many clients in a maintenance program helping manage their exercise and nutrition habits, and overall wellness.


Step 1:  Get Pumped And Mentally Commit

We promise to motivate you and be your accountability partner, but to get the results you desire, your full commitment is key. Still being weary of the final results right now is normal, but full commitment to the process is a must. We promise the commitment on our side!

Step 2:  Book Your Free Fitness Assessment

This is the first step of your fitness journey, on your way to reaching your fitness goals and learning new healthy lifestyle habits. You and your personal trainer will have the chance to get to know each other and be sure that it is a good fit for you both. Your trainer will confirm that this is the best program for you, or help direct you to one better suited for your goals. During your assessment your trainer will instruct you in a range of physical fitness baseline tests, perform a movement analysis, as well as discuss your specific goals, exercise experience, and nutrition. This is also a great time for you to ask any questions that you may have, so ask away!

Step 3:  Lets Go!

After agreeing on a game plan, your personal trainer will outline your training schedule, starting nutrition plan, get your first sessions scheduled. You will also be setup with a training account on our online platform and mobile app. Using the online platform and app you and your trainer will be able to communicate as needed, track and adjust your workouts and plan, schedule sessions, link outside fitness apps, and share exercise and nutrition resources. Now let's get you the body, the confidence, and the lifestyle you deserve!

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